How to use Technology to Improve Output as an Employee?

Technology advancement has brought many positive changes in the work place. Things are done fast. Communication is instant. Expenses have been reduced. The list is endless. However, the same technology if not used well has contributed to poor employee performance.  How can we then make sure that we don’t let our performance be affected by the same technology we depend on?Employee

Make informed choices on time.

We should only spend so much time responding to communication that absolutely requires our input.

Some fascinating research reveals that we receive a little dopamine rush whenever there is something new in the email inbox.

It’s worth looking aside non-important messages allowing you more time to concentration doing something new instead of chilling a new message.


Look for time to put away technology.

Plan for special times when you won’t engage with technology. If utilizing technology, create a new type of flow so you don’t lose yourself touch with reality.


Your presence, the most precious connection with anyone.

Social networking has brought us closer together but nothing can take place of one-on-one contact.

Your keen attention becomes the most valued aspect you can give someone else with less temptation to multi-task; tweeting or emailing. This can help us tame the compulsion to connect digitally when it compromises physical connection.


Prioritize doing vital things and letting go of any baggage.

There are a handful of tasks you don’t really need to finish but still feel obliged to.

Instead of assuming you have an endless tasks-list,leaving you with no time at the end of the day, prioritize what’s important to you and what you can do later. It’s acceptable not to do everything. It’s alright to not update your blog daily. You need time to be away.

Allow clear mental space by engaging in few commitments.

We get sucked into technology and to-do lists that many of us don’t constantly honor what we need to do to keep physical and emotional well-being. Taking small monotony breaks commitments e.g. one minute meditation or four minutes exercising help to cut free.

This is like an assignment of the things you need to do by yourself before you get to work with others, if you’re to be at your most balanced self.

Track your day’s presence in battery life.

Make it fun other than considering it another responsibility.

If your phone’s battery’s about to die at the end of the day or you need to charge it multiple times, you’re badly hooked into your gadget. You have lived your day mindfully if you can get to the end of the day with some life left.



Finding the right Work

Love your Work

It is always listen to the heart while choosing the occupation. If you listen to your brain then surely you will miss the bus. It took me 13 long years to find the work I love to do and never get bored. There will always be pressure on you for building career. First from Parents , then from peers and finally from wife and kids. However if you are working at a place where you do not like it believe me you are missing something. The only thing which one sees is the annual income increase while choosing to work in a field. Well re-think the strategy. Here are a few things to keep in mind while trying to fit in the right job.

Self Assessment – You and only you know what your strengths are most of the times. Sometimes other people may point out some great skills but that is rare. So the first step is to self-assess and find what you are good at.

Find what you like – There will be many career options before you. Concentrate on the few you think you would love to work in. Filter those out and apply.

Follow your day at work – Are you finding it hard to spend the whole day at work? Then the profession is not for you. Make a switch immediately to save time. One of my class mate changed 8 jobs during the first year before he found the right one. Staggering but true.


Learning about Investments

A person can be considered financially wise only if they have invested the money they have earned. Of course, savings are important- it is the backup you create for your future self, but investment can help you so much more than you think.

First and foremost, it is a way of increasing your income, by contributing towards the economy as a whole. Secondly, saving the money you earn as income results in money flowing away from the economy, which can cause it to crumble over a period of time. Investments are what ensure that the money you save goes back into the economy- using your money to fund the country’s economic activities, essentially.

Why you should invest

However, you have to be careful about what you’re investing in. You will have to do a lot of research to determine what kind of investment would be good for you and your family. This would depend on your current income and your financial goals. For instance, investing in real estate might be a great idea for some people, but for others, it might be more prudent to invest in the stock market.

You should research the benefits and drawbacks of different kind of investments. After you’ve done that, you should thoroughly research the field you wish to invest in- so that you don’t fall prey to any insurance scams, or end up spending money you will never see again. Of course, once you’ve started investing, it is important to keep track of all your investments, and exactly how much money you are making out of it- this will help you identify the success rate, and whether or not you should move on to something more lucrative.

Five steps to know whether Business is making Profit or not

Five Steps

First Step: As a business owner you should find out whether your business is making profit or not. The prime objective of running any business is to make profit. If your business is not making profit; then are you running a charity? So as a business owner you should know how to read a Profit & Loss statement to figure out whether your business is making profit or not.

Second Step: As a business owner you should know how to read a Balance Sheet. There are only three types of Balance Sheet in the world. If you know how to read a Balance Sheet then it is very easy to know whether you are committing a CRIME in business. If you are not sure whether you are committing the CRIME in business then in all likelihood you might get into cash flow issues.

Third Step: You should know how to use Profit. It has to be planned strategically. There are only three things you can do with Profit.

  • Reinvest in Business. This is the Paradox in business. The more money you make the more you would want to reinvest. This is because you would want to expand and make your business grow.
  • You would want to pay off the borrowings. This will include Current Liabilities and long-term loans.
  • You would want to take home some money in form of dividends.

If the use of Profit is not strategically planned you might fall back to Step 2 or Set 1 and would have to close down your business.

Fourth Step: You cannot increase sales anymore. If you have reached stagnation point in that particular season of the year and cannot increase the sales. Are there other ways of increasing Profit? You cannot increase the Top-Line (Sales). Are there ways to increase your Bottom-Line (Profit)?

Fifth and Final Step:  It is all about involving all your employees, so that they will make informed profitable business decisions. Do you think your employees will be more effective if they are financially literate? The first step is more concerned with business owners, decision makers and core team members. Running a business cannot be done by one man. You have to involve all your employees so that everyone is moving in the same direction. You have to make sure that everyone is rowing the business boat in the same direction. That is the core of finance management.

“The ability of every employee in the organization to understand the impact of every decision they make; and to take only those actions that will strengthen the bottom-line”

3 Simple Tips to save Money

Save Money

I have always believed in the saying ” A penny saved is a penny earned”. I was lucky to learn saving tricks when still young. These tricks have really paid dividend in my daily life now. Here are a few of my secrets to healthy financial life. I do not earn big bucks but save more than my spent thrift friends and enjoy the money at my leisure.

  • Record what you spend – It is a practice I picked up from my father. He used to use the diary to record daily expenses. Even small expenses he did not miss. I do the same. How does it help in saving? It helps you keep track of where you are spending your money.At the end of the month you need to do a self appraisal, and cut down on unnecessary expenses next month. This helps you identify the saving areas.
  • Keep a piggy bank – It is not children’s play, but a real way to save. Put currency notes in the piggy bank, small notes and put the saving in your account every month. This is the residual saving that will build a healthy corpus.
  • Save each cycle – Your payday might be weekly or monthly. set aside 20 percent of your paycheck every month. This does not include the residual savings. These savings are for future. Do not spend this amount in any case. Emergencies are a different issue.

Just follow these simple tricks, and you will be amazed at the amount of saving after a year.

5 Tips to bring more traffic to your blog


Tips to increase traffic
Tips to increase traffic


  • Pay Attention to Headings – The distinctive feature of any kind of text is the heading. The more attractive and readable the heading the better are the chances of references. The heading should be clickable and sharable. There are a few things you can do to make it more sharable. (1) Use numbers – Numbers in the heading will always attract the reader. “5 Tricks to read faster” will be shared more than “Amazing tips to read faster”. (2) Heading should increase curiosity about the text – A good heading will lead the reader to the text. “10 ways to maximize RAM for your computer” is a heading which will lead the reader to read the text.(3) Heading should create questions – The heading should always make the reader ask questions like “Why”, “Where”,” How”, “What” and “When”. The text should answer these questions effectively and the job of getting traffic becomes easier.
  • Using Long tailed keywords – With the change in policies of the search engine giant Google, long-tailed keywords have become very important. Majority of the searches are for long-tailed key words. So, usage of long-tailed keywords will make your blog more searchable and drive more traffic. It is one of the smart answers to the question of” How to get more traffic to your blog?” For getting the right key word which is long-tailed you can (1) Get answers on Google suggest(2) Online resources for getting the right key word(3) Use Google Analytics.
  • Use the right theme for your blog – While creating the blog the design comes to the fore. There are many initial designs available. We tend to choose the one which looks bright and colorful. Choosing a design is more than that. The design should (1) Make the blog look and be responsive (2) Make the site fast – Sites with many pictures which fail to load will lose traffic.
  • Use of Pictures, videos and graphs – It is a very popular saying “Visuals say more than words”. Using the visual aspect in the blog will help in driving more traffic to the blog. Retention of the information increases when you add pictures, videos and uses graphs to show you the importance of investment.
  • Hosting Webinars and e-conferences – Webinars which educate the people on the web enhances the traffic on your blog. You can try innovative topics like – How to get more traffic to your blog? It will increase your chances of retaining and driving traffic to your blog.


Management Basics

Peter Drucker said “Management is both Marketing and Innovation”. Over the years management has become the cog in the wheel for organizations around the world. Nothing is possible without management.

It is a discipline, a process and also a noun. So what exactly it means. The closest and simplest definition of management would be as a process. It may be defined as the process of utilizing resources which include human resources of an organization to reach the goals set by the organization.

Thus management is characterized by (1) Concentration on reaching goals of the organization (2) Utilization of resources to reach the goals. It includes human resource (3) it is an ongoing process of activities that are linked.

Management Lessons
Management Links you to Success

Functions of Management

There are four major functions of management. They are Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling.

  1. Planning – This function deals with choice of tasks and making an outline for performance. A lot depends on action taken at the opportune moment. Planning helps to develop the tasks to be performed for success.
  2. Organizing – This function takes care of assignment of tasks. It creates a system for the task to be performed. Proper organization helps to complete the task with more efficiently.
  3. Directing – The main reason for directing is to increase the productivity. Good managers have influencing capabilities that can motivate the workers to work the best.
  4. Controlling – It helps to assess the situation of how successfully the tasks were completed. A standard is established and the work done is measured against it. It helps improve the process.

Can you travel on a student budget?

I am one of those rare people who actually likes saving money. I work while I study so that I have some spare cash lying around at the end of the month, and so that I can live a somewhat comfortable life. However, I am quite fond of travelling and I’ve always wondered- is it possible to travel on a student budget?

Student Travelling Budget

I’ve explored a fair few areas around the country, and while I’m interested in travelling abroad, I doubt I have the money to do so. I’m not very keen on borrowing from my parents for this cause, either. It is possible for people to do some bit of travelling on a travel budget- you just need to know how and when to travel. First of all, you should think of building a good presence on a website like AirBNB or Couchsurfing so that you can stay for free in the cities that you are travelling. Secondly, you should start planning your trip really early so that you get cheaper tickets and hotel rooms (if the first tip does not work).

Travelling is not just about seeing places, it is also about the experience. Travelling as a student is an extremely valuable experience that nobody should miss out on. If you just create a budget and stick to it, it is possible for you to plan a good backpacking holiday on a student budget!

Internet Shopping for the Holidays

YOu can give gifts without spending money.

It has taken a while, but I’ve finally figured out how to buy gifts on my student budget. Yes, I work, but that covers my own needs. I created this plan several months ago and was not sure it would work, but I’m feeling pretty good about the results!

First, I have a CD burning program on my computer that doesn’t need babysitting, so I offered to create mood cd’s for my closest friends. Luckily,  that is only 3 people. They gave me their discs and I burned their selections on a blank cd. Now, they have music discs labeled with a mood-“romance”, “dance”, “meditation” – and the list of songs. It was so easy that I may offer a service to other students who either haven’t the time or the software to do this for themselves. I also transferred some of the same music to memory sticks for them.

I had already decided to cook an exotic meal for the family, but I don’t have to buy anything. My siblings, 2 brothers and a sister, will buy everything for the meal and all I need to do is cook. That took a little negotiating, but everyone is happy. Without having to find another job, I can give to friends and family without the stress of using cash.

Here’s Hoping your holidays go as smoothly!

University budget tips that actually work

There is no dearth of tips for students about to start university or students who’ve realized they are spending way too much money. There are some tips that people cannot follow (overcrowded dorm rooms do not work for all people, for instance). However, there are some tips that I’ve tried and tested, and hence, know to be effective.

Tip number 1, learn how to brew your own coffee. One cup of coffee might seem rather inexpensive, but if you buy coffee for a whole year, you’re going to end up spending thousands of dollars.

Tip number 2, don’t be scared of shopping around. There are some supermarkets that are obviously cheaper than others. Don’t just rely on the store closest to you, or the one that most of your friends go to.

Tip number 3, don’t be scared to look for second-hand things (from laptops, to phones, to even text-books). You will not believe how much money you can save with this trick.

Tip number 4, look up places that offer student discounts. Many cinema theaters, supermarkets and stores offer hefty student discounts that can help you save quite a fair amount of money.

Shop at places with student discounts

Tip number 5, learn how to create your own budget, so that you can keep track of just where your money is going.